A New look at Trinity Legal

Inside our new logo, website, and media content

New look, same mission

Since inception, our steadfast mission at Trinity Legal has been to answer God’s call to seek justice and mercy by providing quality legal services to our neighbors living in poverty. Although this mission, and the core values that drive it, have remained unchanged in the 11 years of Trinity Legal’s existence, we desired to be more effective in communicating the ongoing work and vision of this ministry to our volunteers, supporters, and community. To this end, in 2017 we began the process of redesigning the Trinity Legal logo, and creating updated videos, printed materials, and a website that would allow us to better utilize the communication channels available to us.

Introducing the New Trinity Legal Logo

An organization’s logo is the focal point of its messaging. While our previous logo served us well for years, it needed to be updated. The goal was to create a new logo that is unique and recognizable, and that clearly communicates Trinity Legal’s mission and values. The result of this process is the new logo below.


The shield invokes the concept of defense. Trinity Legal works to stand in defense of the poor as they face the challenge of navigating the legal system. Most importantly, the shield on which we rely is the shield of faith, formed by three sides representing the Trinity.

Scales of Justice

The justice system can be overwhelming, and oftentimes justice within our legal system is not available to those without resources. Trinity Legal seeks to balance the scales by assisting the poor in their legal matters.

The Cross

Ultimately, our new logo delivers the message that our loving God has made a way for all people to experience both justice and mercy through reconciliation and a relationship with Him. The Gospel is what drives our passion and zeal to carry out the day to day work of Trinity Legal. Just as the cross is central to our mission, it is central to our new logo, representing mercy and upholding the scales of justice.

Logo artwork by Siah Design

Other Media Engagement

We have redesigned our website to make it modern, responsive, mobile friendly, and more effective in engaging supporters and volunteers. It also serves as another channel in which new clients in need of Trinity Legal’s assistance are able to connect with us. We also have produced new printed material and digital media such as photos, videos, and social media content in order to better reach out to our community.

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